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Mom has asked me to stay with her until the end. I sort of planned to do that, even before she asked - but I was thinking short-term, a month or two.. Mom's doc says maybe six months.. Now I'm realizing the magnitude of what "maybe six months"  entails.

She lives in Florida & I live in CT.  My job should be ok, I am able to work remotely. I have two cats and an apartment. My Dad lives up here. All of my doctors are up here, including my shrink who writes monthly prescriptions for me.. plus I'm going to be needing him when that end does come.

I think I feel most guilty about my cats, they depend on me. I have someone who will come every day to feed them and make sure they have water & clean litter - but they are going to be alone without a human to love for months..  I thought about taking them with me, but I'm not sure how they'd handle the 24hr drive.. and Mom has a dog who thinks cats are snacks.. C would put him in his place pretty quickly, but H is a 'fraidy cat - she'd be terrified. 

Then just the odds & ends - I'll need to file my income taxes while I'm out of town, which means I'll need to get the person who is taking in my mail to keep an eye out for my W2's and send them to me when they arrive. I'll need to take my primary computer with me, it's not a laptop. I need to take more clothes with me. How am I going to fit all of this crap into my small SUV?  

I've started a list - but, I'm suppose to leave in 5 days.. and I feel horribly unprepared. 

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